2 Chronicles 2

I’m kinda a numbers guy!  When I read numbers like the one’s listen in today’s passage, I don’t just gloss over them!  I try to see them!

For instance, the Chronicler says that Solomon  2He enlisted a force of 70,000 labourers, 80,000 men to quarry stone in the hill country, and 3,600 foremen.  How many people is that?  I mean, what would it look like to see that work force?

When the Chronicler says that Solomon promised King Hiram of Tyre, 10 …I will send 100,000 bushels of crushed wheat, 100,000 bushels of barley, 110,000 gallons of wine, and 110,000 gallons of olive oil.”…how much is that and what would that look like?

Well, if all of the workers who built the temple were loaded up at their base camp and driven by yellow school bus to the temple build site, it would take 2,327 full size school buses to get them there!

That line of school buses would stretch into a parade 33 kms long!

In order to store the 100,000 bushels of wheat and another 100,000 bushels of barley, today King Solomon would purchase two 100,000 bushel grain bins!

Each bin is 126’ tall at the peak, 77’ tall at the side and 156’ in diameter!  Today, this bin would hold $5 million worth of corn and it would take 1,394 semi loads to fill just one!  In other words, if the semi trucks and trailers to haul Solomon’s wheat and barley to the King of Tyre were lined up, they would stretch into a line 69 kms long!

But Solomon also offered 110,000 gallons of wine and another 110,000 gallons of olive oil!  That means tanks!   These 110,000 gallon tanks would be perfect!

That’s another 36 semi truck and tanker-trailer units! 

However, if Solomon bottled the wine and olive oil, it would amount to 1,100,000 bottles!

If Solomon shipped just the wine and olive oil in 40’ sea-can containers, he would need 76 containers!

Now, take away the school buses, the metal grain storage bins, the steel tanks, the semi trucks and tankers and the 40’ storage containers…and try to move 153,600 workers, 200,000 bushels of grain and 220,000 gallons of wine and olive oil!

This was a massive endeavour that has my mind swimming in logistical challenges…that Solomon pulled off…and the Chronicler mentions as if it was no big deal!

Now, that’s what struck me this morning…but what struck you?

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6 thoughts on “2 Chronicles 2

  1. Wow. Those logistics are mind boggling .

    Verse 11 “Because the Lord loves his people, he has made you king” . That says it all. ..the Lord loves His children and we are His children!

    It’s noteworthy that God has Hiram, king of Tyre confirm that God kept His promise to Solomon that He would grant him wisdom. And Hiram prophesied that Solomon would indeed build a Temple for the Lord and a palace for himself.


  2. I computer roughly how many laborers per foreman and its over 2300!! Whoa!! The saying God was in the details” doesnt even begin to cover the amount of wisdom, knowledge King Solomon would have needed and the intricate workings God must have smoothed out. Potential for miscalculation, miscommunication, the telephone game was huge!! Yes God was in the details and over it all. Makes me want to listen closer, yield quicker.

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  3. What struck me was that all the workers Solomon used were foreigners in the land of Israel.
    I’m sure that this is significant but I don’t know the significance of it.


    1. Yes. Did he pull them out of whatever they were doing in Israel and employ them as labourers and stone cutters? I guess a king can so that.


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